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Welcome from Kathy Christoph, MS Principal

MS News Highlights
MS Messages: 10/7/2016
Check out the newest issue of MS Messages -- our e-newsletter for D-E Middle School (MS) families!  MS Messages includes updates from Principal Kathy Christoph about MS programs and initiatives, links to MS-specific events information; photos from recent MS classes and activities... and more!  

Grade 7 Class Overnight Trip to Quinipet
The annual Grade 7 overnight class trip to Quinipet/Shelter Island is next week!  

Click here for trip details from the Grade 7 Dean Liz Traub or go to msmessages.d-e.org

To download a Grade 7 Quinipet/Shelter Island Trip Packing List click here.  

MS Back to School Night is Thursday, September 22
All MS parents/guardians are invited to our Back to School night on Thursday, September 22.  The program begins at 6:30 PM.  Click here to download the MS Back to School e-invite (PDF). 

Start of School 2016 Information, Forms Now Available
Fall 2016 is right around the corner!  The first day of school is Tuesday, September 6, 2016.  All D-E School and Middle School-specific forms and information needed for the 2016 - 2017 academic year are now available on the Start of School 2016 website portal.  Go to www.d-e.org/start or click here

Second Semester Grades/Checklists Released
All Middle School (MS) parents/guardians are alerted that they can access their child(ren)'s Second Semester grades (for 7th and 8th graders) and checklists (for 6th graders) as of the evening of Monday, June 20.

Please click here for details and viewing instructions from MS Principal Kathy Christoph. 

Summer Time is Reading Time....
Attention all MS students entering Grades 6 - 8 in Fall 2016:  All required reading for Summer 2016 and the grade-specific "Community of Readers" Books Lists are now available to download!  

Please see the yellow box at right to download these lists!  

Questions?  Email English Department Chair Fred Daly, at: dalyf@d-e.org.  Happy summer reading! 

Message for Grades 6 & 7 Parents/Guardians: Orientation to 7th & 8th Grade
Click here for an invitation from Middle School (MS) Principal Kathy Christoph to Parents of current 6th and 7th graders, for an Orientation to 7th and 8th Grade on Tuesday, April 26. 

Message for Grade 7 Parents/Guardians: Standardized Testing April 11-13, 2016
Click here for an update from Middle School (MS) Principal Kathy Christoph for Grade 7 parents/guardians, about standardized testing planned for April 11 - 13, 2016.

Spring Interim Grades Released
Spring interim grades have now been released to all Middle School (MS) parents/guardians.  Click here for more information and report card access instructions from MS Principal Kathy Christoph. 

Spring Interim Comments Released
Parents/guardians of Middle School (MS) students can now review Spring Interim Comments for their children.  Please click here for details and information from MS Principal Kathy Christoph. 

Every Three Seconds: Middle School Assembly / Film Screening Nov. 19
Middle School parents/guardians are asked to view the film "Every Three Seconds" together with their child(ren) in anticipation of a special assembly on Thursday November 19, featuring the film director.  Click here for additional information and details from MS Prinicipal Kathy Christoph.  

Interim Comments now Available for Viewing
Middle School (MS) parents and guardians can now view the interim comments for their child(ren).  Please click here for further details and information from MS Principal Kathy Christoph. 

MS Parent Conferences Fall 2015
Middle School Parent Conferences for Fall 2015 are scheduled for  Thursday, Dec. 10 from 3:30 - 9:20 PM and on  Friday, Dec. 11, from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM .  Please note:
- We have early dismissal at 1:35 PM on Thurs., Dec. 10. 
 - Regular Bus Transportation will leave D-E at 1:50 PM.
- There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, Dec. 11. 
Click here for additional information and details from Middle School Principal Kathy Christoph. 

Back to School Night is Thursday Sept. 24
Middle School (MS) parents/guardians are reminded that MS Back to School Night 2015 is Thursday, Sept. 24.  Click here for more information from MS Principal Kathy Christoph. 

Parent Orientation for Grade 6 Parents
All D-E Middle School (MS) Grade 6 parents are invited to attend a Parent Orientation on Thursday Sept. 17.  Click here for more information from MS Principal Kathy Christoph.  

Parent Orientation for Parents NEW to Grade 7 and 8
Middle School (MS) Parents of students in Grades 7 and 8 who are NEW to D-E this year are invited to attend a Parent Orientation on Thursday, Sept. 17.  Please click here for additional details. 

MS Messages - An Update from MS Principal Kathy Christoph
Middle School (MS) parents and guardians can click here for an update from MS Principal Kathy Christoph, in preparation for next week's first day of school!  

Get Ready for 2015 - 2016: Start of School Website
It's time to plan ahead for September and the new, upcoming 2015 - 2016 school year!  Start of School 2015 information has been sent to all Middle School families in hard copy;  additionally, all-school information and forms are available online on our Start of School website:  www.d-e.org/start.  Middle School-specific information can be found online at: www.d-e.org/startMS.  See you in September! 

Summer Reading Reminder! Required Reading & "A Community of Readers" Information
Summer is a great time to catch up on reading!  All Middle School students are reminded about the Community of Readers program (see below for information and links to books options by grade level).  

English Department Chair Fred Daly also wants to remind all Middle School students about their required Summer 2015 Reading books, as follows: 
  • 6th Grade: Wonder, by R.J. Palacio
  • 7th Grade:  The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton
  • 8th Grade:  Red Kayak, by Priscilla Cummings
Happy reading, and see you in September!

Spring 2015 Progress / Report Cards Now Available.
Middle School parents/guardians can now view their students' Spring 2015 progress / report cards.  Please click here for an update from MS Principal Kathy Christoph.

MS Technology Survey for Parents/Guardians
All D-E Middle School parents/guardians are asked to complete a short survey about technology this year.  Please click here for details from Trevor Shaw, Director of Technology. 

Community of Readers 2015 Lists now available
Get ready for summer reading!  Mr. Daly, Chair of the English Department, has issued this year's Community of Readers lists, for all Middle School students to choose from in preparation for the start of school in September 2015.  Happy reading!  

Orientation for Current Grade 6 & 7 Parents/Guardians
Parents/guardians of students currently in Grades 6 and 7 are invited to an Orientation meeting on Tuesday, April 28 regarding the 2015-'16 year.  Please click here for a message from MS Principal Kathy Christoph. 

A Talk with Former NY Knick Baron Davis
Former NY Knick and NBA player Baron Davis stopped by during Activities period on Feb. 10 to speak to the Middle Schoolers about wellness and perseverance.

2015 Eighth Grade Poetry Festival
The Eighth Grade Poetry Festival, which took place on Thursday, January 29, is a long-standing tradition at D-E.

Middle School (MS) Semester Reports Now Available
Parents of MS students may now view their childrens' semester reports online.  Please click here for further details and information from MS Principal Kathy Christoph. 

MS Messages; Becoming Visible Photography Exhibit Resource Guide
MS Principal Kathy Christoph has this update for families regarding the upcoming "Becoming Visible" exhibit at Swartley Gallery by photographer and D-E parent Josh Lehrer. For additional information about the exhibit, parents and guardians can also visit www.d-e.org/arts.  

Reminder: Picture Day is Wednesday, Sept. 10
All MS Parents are reminded that Picture Day is this Wednesday, Sept. 10.  Click here for additional information and instructions from MS Principal Kathy Christoph. 

Orientation for NEW Grade 7 and Grade 8 Parents

Parents of Grade 7 and 8 students who are new to D-E Middle School are invited to an Orientation Night.  Please click here for information and details from Grade 7 Dean Liz Traub and Grade 8 Dean James Aitken. 

Orientation Night for Grade 6 Parents

Parents of Grade 6 children are invited to attend an Orientation on Sept. 9.  Click here for details and a message from Grade 6 Dean Tasha Urbanowski.  

MS Messages: An Update from Principal Kathy Christoph
The first day of School is just 20 days away!  Middle School students and parents can click here for an update about the Start of School on September 2, 2014! 

Grade 7 Math Workbook Update (AS OF 8/6/2014)

Parents of Grade 7 students please note:  There has been another update to the Book List for the subject area of Math. 7 - 2015 as follows:  

Discovering Math 7B Workbook (9789814250559) is now Dimensions Math 7B Workbook (9789814431750)

You can also view the updated Grade 7 Books List (new as of 8/6/14) online at: www.d-e.org/startMS.  

Questions about this Grade 7 Books List update may be directed to Ms. Lisa Schmid, School Store Manager, at:  schmil@d-e.org.  

Thank you for your patience!  

Grade 7 Books List Update
Families of Grade 7 children are alerted by MS Principal Kathy Christoph that the Books List for the upcoming 2014-'15 school year has been modified as follows:  

ENGLISH: The "Grade 7 Books" document that you received in the mail recently contains an error. For English it says that "No books need to be purchased," but in fact there is one book that your child will need to have. It's the graphic novel American Born Chinese, and you will find it listed on the Classbooks website.
MATH:  Classbooks informed us that the title and ISBN number for one of the Math 7 books, Discovering Math 7A Workbook, has changed since the book list was mailed last week. Although the content is still the same, you may notice on the Classbooks website that the title has changed to Dimensions Math 7A Workbook and the ISBN # is now 9789814431743. 
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Enjoy the remaining days of summer and we look forward to seeing you and your children in September,

Grade 7 families may also click here for this update for Ms. Christoph.

Summer Reading 2014
Summer is here and it's time for summer reading! 

Click here for the Middle School (MS) Summer Reading List 2014 (PDF).

For the Community of Readers Lists for 2014, please see below:

Grade 6 Community of Readers List

Grade 7 Community of Readers List

Grade 8 Community of Readers List

Important Update for Athletes in 2014-2015 Season
Please click here to read an important update about Health Forms now required by the State of NJ for any students interested in participating in Middle School athletics / team sports, in the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. 

MS Last Days - An Update from Ms. Christoph
Click here for an update from MS Principal Kathy Christoph on these last few days of Middle School this academic year.

Grade 6 Experimental Design Fair
Click here for an update from Grade 6 Dean Tasha Urbannowski about the Experimental Design Fair on May 21.

Grade 7 Showcase
Click here for an update from Grade 7 Deam Liz Traub about the Grade 7 Showcase on Friday, May 30.

An Update for 8th Grade Parents
Click here for an update on the Washington, DC Class Trip and more from MS Principal Kathy Christoph.

Comments Now Available
Click here for a message from Kathy Christoph on how comments are now available for Middle School students and their families to view online.

Interim Grades: An Update from MS Principal Kathy Christoph
Click here for a Middle School (MS) update on interim grading, from Principal Kathy Christoph,

Comments, Checklists & Semester Grades Now Available
Middle School Parents can now view their childrens' comments, checklists and grades from the Fall 2013 semester.  Click here for further information and details from MS Principal Kathy Christoph.

Grade 8 DC Trip POSTPONED: An Update
Grade 8 Parents: Please click on the link above to read the most current news on the class DC Trip,  from Grade 8 Dean James Aitken and Middle School Principal Kathy Christoph.

Grade 6 Update from Dean Tasha Urbanowski
Grade 6 Parents can click on the link above for an update from Dean Tasha Urbanowski, with regard to the weather postponing the class skating trip to the Englewood Field Trip and more.

Grade 7 Update from Dean Liz Traub
Weather conditions have changed plans for Grade 7 and their activities this week.  Please click on the link above for the most current update from Grade 7 Dean Liz Traub.

Intermester Week & A Weather Update from Ms. Kathy Christoph
Click here for an important update about Intermester Week and the weather, from Middle School Principal Kathy Christoph. 

Grade 6 Identity Unit: Information from Dean Tasha Urbanowski
The Identity Unit is underway!  Parents of Grade 6 students can click here for an update from Grade 6 Dean Tasha Urbanowski. 

Reminder: Fall Team Photos Available to Order
Photos of all D-E fall sports teams are now available to order.  Please place your order by January 1, 2014. 
Click here for additional details and to download a PDF of the Fall 2013 Team Photo Order Form.

Grade 6 Egypt Day is Dec. 19!
Grade 6 students will participate in the annual Egpyt Day event, scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 19.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend this special presentation.  Please click here for additional details.

Upper School Fall Play "DRACULA": Informational Update from Principal Christoph
Middle School parents are alerted to the mature themes included in the Upper School Fall Play, "DRACULA", performing this Friday and Saturday, November 15 and 16.  Please click here for an update from MS Principal Kathy Christoph.

MS Parent Conferences Update
Middle School Fall conferences will be taking place in mid-December 2013.  Parents can learn more about scheduling conferences and more by clicking here. 

Reminder: Picture Day Tomorrow, Sept. 11
Middle School children will have their pictures taken tomorrow.  Click here for the Picture Day Order Form (PDF). 

Now:  Smile and say Cheese!

MS Messages for the First Day of School - A Message from Principal Kathy Christoph
The first day of school is next Tuesday, September 3!  Please click here for a welcome back message and start of school information from MS Principal Kathy Christoph.

Planning Ahead for Fall 2013: Important Summer Mailing Sent
Information for the upcoming 2013-'14 academic year has been sent in D-E School packets, to all Middle School families.  For online links to this Start of School 2013 information, and all required forms and downloads, please go to: www.d-e.org/start.  See you in September!

Report Cards, Comments Available for Viewing
Middle School parents and students can now view report cards and comments for the Spring 2013 term.  Click here for details and access information from Middle School Principal Kathy Christoph.

Grade 8 Moving Up Ceremony: Photo Order Form now available
To all Grade 8 Parents:  The School photographer John McCabe (Top Cat Photos) will be taking pictures during the Grade 8 Move-up Ceremony on Friday, June 7.  Click here for information and to order your Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony photos!

"Lunch Bunch" Series Starts This Month
Middle School (MS) Psychologist Lauren Rosen is introducing a Lunch Bunch series of sessions for our MS students in Grades 7 and 8.  Click here for a message from Ms. Rosen.

6th Graders Bring Ancient Egypt to Life
Egypt Day 2012 transformed Umpleby Hall recently into the marketplaces, royal palaces and tombs of ancient Egypt. Click here to read more about this annual history unit within the Middle School!

MS Math Night on Dec. 4
All Middle School (MS) Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend MS Math Night on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 7-9 p.m. in Hajjar Auditorium.  Click here to learn more about this great opportunity to learn about our math curriculum!

Annual Wax Museum Educates, Entertains
The annual Middle School Wax Museum, held earlier this month, once again educated and entertained its participating students as well as D-E parents, faculty, and staff. Click on the link immediately above to see a photo of one student speaking to a Lower School classsroom, and check out www.d-e.org/news for a full story.

MS Report: What's Growing Now?
Here's the latest from our intrepid MS Reporter, Kate Lappin '18!

After a hurricane, snowfall and frost, the Middle School vegetable garden is still providing food, fun and educational projects for D-E students. In the picture (Click on the "What's Growing Now?" link immediately above), a 7th grader holds a sampling of produce maturing now in the garden: kale, collards, swiss chard, spinach, beet greens and various herbs. Our leeks, sage and thyme have found their way into school lunch, adding a bit to soups and composed salads which the kitchen staff prepares daily. In the 7th and 8th grade elective, D.I.G (Dwight Englewood in the Garden), and in the Middle School club, “Planeteers,” students are also “putting the garden to bed” for the winter by amending soil with our own compost (made from kitchen scraps by the students on lunch duty), mulching with chopped leaves from campus trees, and planting garlic and strawberries for next spring’s harvest.

MS Report: 8th Grade Measures Shadows!
Here's the latest from our intrepid MS Reporter, Kate Lappin '18!

8th Grade Measures Shadows:
Hands-on learning is something of a tradition at D-E. For example, a sunny day last week saw 8th graders in Ms. Withrow’s and Mr. Scovell’s Earth Science class dashing outside during their passing periods to the Library’s patio.  They were measuring the shadows cast by the sun against a “sun stick” they had planted earlier in the day.

The 8th grade measured the shadow’s movement because they are studying Earth’s orbit.

Says 8th grader Jacon Waxman, “[T]he length of the shadow changes over the course of the day because of the Earth’s roation. When the Earth spins the sun appears the be rising and setting. Because of this, the sun’s angle of light changes the length of the shadow. For instance, around noon the shadow will be smaller because the angle of sunlight is going directly down.  [I]n the morning or afternoon, the sun is more horizontal so the shadow is longer."

Keep checking www.d-e.org/middle for more 'day in the life' news from the Middle School!

Save the Date: 7th Grade Parent Breakfast Nov. 5
The Grade 7 Parents' Breakfast, sponsored by the D-E Parents' Association, will be held Monday, Nov. 5.  Please click here to view the invitation and for Class Rep RSVP information. We hope to see you there!

Tablet Workshop for 6th Grade Parents on Oct. 25
A hands-on tablet PC workshop will be held for all 6th Grade Parents, with teachers and Technology Department team members.  Join us and please bring your student's tablet and password information.  Click here for more details on the Thursday, Oct. 25 Tablet Workshop.

Update for 6th Grade Parents; Field Trip to American Museum of Natural History
The 6th Grade is taking a field trip to the AMNH on Friday, Oct. 26!  Click here for an update from the 6th Grade faculty team.

7th Grade Overnight Trip Oct. 3-5: Info. for Parents
The 7th Grade Class is excited for its upcoming overnight trip to Shelter Island.  Click here for an update, packing list, and trip information from Grade 7 Class Dean Liz Traub.

Back to School Night is Sept. 20
The Middle School's annual Back to School Night is Thursday, Sept. 20.  Click here for details on what parents will be doing during the MS 2012 Back to School Nightl

Orientation for ALL 6th Grade and NEW 7th & 8th Grade Parents: Tues., Sept. 11
All 6th Grade parents and parents who are new to the D-E Middle School's 7th and 8th Grades are welcome and encouraged to attend an Orientation on Tuesday, September 11 from 7 - 9:00 p.m. in Hajjar Auditorium. 
> Click here for 6th Grade Parents' 2012 Orientation details.
> Click here for 7th - 8th Grade Parents' 2012 Orientation details.

Ceremony Celebrates Class of 2016 "Move-Up" to Upper School
Held at D-E's Schenck Auditorium, the annual 8th grade Moving-Up Ceremony represented a fittingly serious but uplifting bookend to the middle school experience for the Class of 2016, which is now headed into the Upper School.

Spring 2012 Report Cards Now Available
Parents/guardians can now access Spring 2012 report cards for their Middle School student(s) online.  Please click here for instructions! If you need assistance with your Login information contact the Technology Department at 201-569-9500, ext. 3826.

7th Grade Students Host "Mayhem" June 1
The annual celebration of Shakespeare and all things 16th Century will take place on June 1 in the Silberfein Gym. Hosted by the Middle School's 7th Grade Class, D-E families and friends are invited to enjoy the festivities.  For Mayhem 2012 information please click here.

Dear Parents and Students,

Explore, Experience, Excel!  These words capture the enthusiasm and excitement you’ll find within the walls of our Middle School. Our students and faculty love to be here, and we want your child to love to be here, too.  Every day, our students explore several worlds: the world of academics, the world of arts and athletics, the world of ethics, and the world of the 21st century problem-solving skills. They experience the thrill of intellectual pursuit, the delight of finding new interests, the joy in social friendships, the pleasure of challenging oneself, and the excitement of developing leadership skills. They excel in the classroom, on the stage, on the playing fields, in the music halls, in making ethical decisions, and in solving meaningful problems in creative ways.

Our students are challenged, nurtured, mentored, celebrated, and encouraged in a vast array of ways by the fabulous cadre of teachers.  As our students grow emotionally, physically and intellectually, we are there to guide them along the way, gently pushing them and supporting them, and picking them up when they falter.

Our core curriculum, along with our enrichment programs, supports our school mission. Our students stretch their thinking, develop critical learning skills, and expand their horizons. Our Discovery Classes, our HomeBase system, and our Activity Period are just a few of the exploratory and innovative programs that capitalize on students’ interests and extend their learning. Our Service Learning Community Connections and our Leadership Program provide experiences for our students to become ethical citizens of the world.

I encourage and invite you to explore the excitement found within our Middle School learning environment.

Kathy Christoph
MS Principal
EMail: chrisk@d-e.org

Academic Program Highlight: Greek Day
At the very end of each academic year, 6th grade students, their parents and faculty members gather with excitement onto Graham Field to take part in a D-E Middle School tradition: Greek Day.

A variation of the Greek Olympics followed by an Awards Ceremony and Greek Feast, Greek Day entails spirited competition, attire fittingly inspired by the ancients, and a delicious feast. Each 6th grade social studies class is assigned a new "city-state" status; the City-States of Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and Delphi participate in a series of events including a chariot race, a foot race and even a discus throw. These classes create pottery for the showcase, not to mention costumes from bedsheets, and chariots from foam board. The event concludes with prizes and the serving of foods featuring classic and modern Greek delicacies including Tzatziki, Hummus, Moussaka, and Saganaki. 
MS Academic Program Highlight: Experimental Design Fair
D-E’s annual Middle School (MS) Experimental Design Fair is a favorite for students, faculty and staff, and parents alike.   Products ranging from marshmallows and nail polish to basketballs, paper towels, diapers, hand soap and even water pistols are tested. The student teams detail their research process in a poster session including a presentation on how they pick their product, determine their research process, complete scientific experiments and determine results using vividly-designed posters, models and magazines.
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Welcome from Kathy Christoph, MS Principal
Our Approach
Meet the MS Deans
James Aitken
(201) 569-9500 ext 3235
James Aitken is the Dean for the 8th Grade (Class of 2016). He holds his Ed. S. (Specialist Degree) in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, CO). He also holds his B.A. from Colorado College and his M.A. from Simmons College. 

Elizabeth Traub
(201) 569-9500 ext 3236
Liz Traub is the 7th Grade Dean and a faculty member of the MS Mathematics Department.  A part of the D-E community since 1985 who also coaches Field Hockey, she has her Ed. M. from Harvard University and a B.S. from Ithaca College.

Tasha Urbanowski
(201) 227-3237

With D-E since 1995, Tasha Urbanowski is the 6th Grade Dean and a member of the MS English Department.  She has her M.A. from Columbia University and a B.A. from Smith College.