College Counseling Office (CCO)

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College Counseling Office Programs, Events, and Workshops

The College Counseling Office (CCO) offers a well-developed college counseling program that includes a variety of focused events for students and families.
Throughout the fall, the CCO hosts admission representatives from 100+ colleges and universities who visit D-E to inform our seniors about the opportunities at their institutions.  11th Grade students are welcome to attend these college information sessions as long as it does not conflict with a class. The list of visiting colleges is posted on SCOIR and in the College Counseling wing in Leggett Hall. In addition, D-E is the host site for Bergen County College Information Sessions in the fall and spring which is open to students and families in and surrounding Bergen County.  
During the 2020-21 academic year the CCO will administer the PSAT to 11th Grade students in the fall and to 10th Grade students in the spring.  For this year D-E is the test center for the October, December, and June SAT administration test dates.  

Getting Started

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  • Developing your college list

    With over 3,000 colleges and universities in the country, the process of selecting a college can be a daunting undertaking or an opportunity to explore new possibilities. Before considering specific colleges you should assess your individual needs, strengths, goals, and values. Developing your college list is a personal decision, one that requires honest self-evaluation. Defining your priorities will make it easier for you to research and identify colleges that best match your personality and goals.
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  • Scholarships

    Scholarships exist for every student at D-E
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  • Research

    There are many resources available to students and families for researching colleges and universities.
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  • How to "visit" colleges online

    Tips on How to "Visit" Colleges Online: 

    The COVID-19 pandemic in the 2020-2021 school year created some challenges in visiting college campuses in person. Below are tips for effective ways to "visit" online.
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  • The College Visit

    The College Counseling Office strongly recommends including campus visits in your college research. Seniors are granted 4 days of excused absence and juniors 2 days of excused absences per academic year for this purpose.  A campus visit is the best way to experience a college first hand.
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  • The College Application Process

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  • The College Application - A Review

    Colleges are looking to attract students who are the best match, both academically and personally for their institution.
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  • Application Plans & Programs

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  • College Information Sessions

    Approximately one hundred colleges visit the College Guidance Office each year.
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  • Testing

    What do D-E students need to keep in mind and know about college admission standardized tests.
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  • Concordance ACT and SAT Tables

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  • AP Exam Dates

  • Financing College

    Cost can be an important factor in selecting a college.
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  • International Student Information

    Often, colleges and universities have a separate application or supplement pertaining to International
    students. Many colleges review international students separately from their domestic applicants and
    require additional information. It is strongly advised that International students meet with their College
    Counseling Director to review additional information that may be required.
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