Lower School
Spaces and Places: "The Specials"

Third Grade


Third grade is a significant year in the way students start to show real awareness of themselves in the world.  They are more attentive to how peers and adults around them behave and start to be more aware of their place in the group.  Third graders are naturally more independent and not only tie their own shoes but also manage materials such as laptop computers and iPads.  We work hard to recognize and celebrate their independence while keeping in mind they still want hugs from the adults in their lives and may still sleep with a favorite stuffed animal at night.

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  • Art

    Instructor: Elisa Garcia

    Students have art in Swartley Art Center twice a week for 45 minute classes. They  learn about color, line, shape and pattern while exploring drawing, painting, collaging, sculpture, digital art and printmaking. Students work independently and collaboratively, and all students produce a collection of work to represent their work within each medium. They develop the language for talking about art by studying their own work, the work of their peers and professional artists.
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  • Health and Wellness

    Instructor: Kim Franco

    The Health and Wellness class meets twice a week in the Lower School gym. Students are exposed to a wide variety of activities to help develop an overall understanding of fitness and basic skills.
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  • Music

    Instructor: Mary Heveran

    Third-grade musicians continue to build on the concepts of beat, melody, rhythm and dynamics. Music class is held twice a week for 45 minutes.
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  • Science

    Instructor: Beth Lemire

    Children continue with the seasonal garden harvest and along with fourth grade students chop vegetables for the annual harvest soup, which is served in small portions in the lunchroom.
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  • Spanish

    Instructor: Ericka Collado

    In third, fourth and fifth grades, students meet three to four times a week in a FLES (Foreign Language Elementary School) setting with Doctora Collado.
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