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In Project Based Learning, our students are engaged in authentic, real-life projects that lead to gaining essential knowledge and important skills. They investigate open-ended questions to find meaning and conclusions which they then transmit in purposeful ways. Through rigorous inquiry, research and investigation students construct essential understandings and begin to solve problems that are meaningful.


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  • 6th Grade

    “What makes us who we are?” The “Identity Unit” is the unifying theme and is centered on hands-on experiences and projects, some of which are interdisciplinary. Students are immersed in a coordinated unit that stretches their minds and emphasizes the connections among subjects. 
  • 7th Grade

    “How do you connect to the world around you?” This theme connects the four major disciplines of English, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics in the 7th Grade. Regardless of what they are studying, students are asked to use reason and empathy to broaden their perspectives.
  • 8th Grade

    “How do we meet the challenges of a changing world and make it better?” This theme challenges students’ higher level thinking skills. This voyage takes students from a local view to a national and then international perspective encouraging them to think beyond themselves.
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