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7th Grade Meadow Maintenance Project

On this work day, students in the 7th grade science classes reseeded a perennial pocket meadow by the Nettie-Louise Coit Teaching Garden with wildflowers as part of their units on Plants and Pollinators and as part of the year’s focus on conservation issues.
Among the many topics discussed in these units is the impact of human action. Contributing to the pollinator meadow was, for the class, a hands-on example of positive human impact. The nectar of the flowers they planted will support our own honeybees as well as native pollinators throughout the summer and fall. 
The 7th graders’ work contributes to the efforts of our facilities team, which originally installed the meadow and manages it as a no-pesticide, low-mow area to support habitat for pollinators on campus. This effort is echoed in the work of the Xerces Society’s “Bring Back the Pollinators” campaign. For more information on this national project, the pollinator pledge, and how you can help, see the Xerces Foundation website at https://xerces.org/bringbackthepollinators/ or scan the QR code on one of the pollinator habitat signs posted in our pocket meadow and pollinator borders near Umpleby and the Nettie-Louise Coit Teaching Garden.
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