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One of the ways that D-E “meet[s] the challenges of a changing world and make[s] it better”, as stated in our mission, is through the various green initiatives in which each division of our school partakes. Supporting these initiatives is done through a three-pronged approach -- through our curriculum both inside and outside of the classroom; ongoing evaluation and modification of institutional habits; and green-oriented campus. From the Lower School’s composting and recycling efforts to the Middle School’s many eco-centric clubs (Green Team, MS DIG [D-E in the Garden] Discovery class students, MS Garden Club) and the Upper School’s Environmental Club and AP Environmental Science courses, along with our School-wide participation in the annual Green Cup Challenge, Dwight-Englewood School is working to support sustainability. We invite you to explore our D-E Green website and its related links, and learn how you can join and support us.

Pitch In - How to "Go Green"

You can start going green by:
  • Recycling
  • Using a reuseable water bottle instead of buying bottled water
  • Turning out the lights when you are the last to leave a room
  • Powering down the projector in the classroom when it's not being used
  • Encouraging your parents NOT TO IDLE their cars in the carpool line
  • Walking or biking to school, if you can do so safely
  • Turning down the heat in your home
  • Composting after lunch and at home
  • Buying less STUFF (see any of the "Story of Stuff" links to the right)
  • Learning more about what it means to be green

History of the Space Shuttle White Pine

Pinus strobus

The New Jersey Forest Service, Community Forestry Program in cooperation with the New Jersey Community Forestry Council and with the help of the Demarest Shade Tree Commission provided White Pine seeds to New Jersey native, Astronaut Gregory T. Linteris, Ph.D., to be part of a Seed Germination Kit that traveled aboard the United States Space Shuttle Columbia during the flight of April 4, 1997. This was the 22nd flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia and the eighty-third overall flight of the Space Shuttle program.  Although the flight was cut short, the seeds traveled at 17,500 mph for a distance of 1.5 million miles. Once the seeds were returned to the New Jersey Forest Service, they were germinated at the program’s greenhouse in Jackson, New Jersey as part of the Heritage Tree Program. 

Since 1996 the Community Forestry greenhouse has grown almost a million tube tree seedlings for outreach during Arbor Day, and 50,000 Atlantic white cedar cuttings for reforestation efforts. Of particular note about seeds in space ~ the germination rate of Eastern White Pine seeds is usually around 10 –14 days. The seeds that traveled on the Space Shuttle germinated in half that time! We believe that this was the first effort to have tree seeds experience the weightlessness of space. The White Pine Trees grown from seed are also a tribute to the seven astronaut crew of the 28th mission of the Space Shuttle Columbia who lost their lives in service to our country on February 1, 2003 during re-entry. The New Jersey Community Forestry Program will document the location of these trees to add to the list of noteworthy trees across the State of New Jersey.

The Space Shuttle White Pine is located in the Jerome Outdoor Classroom.


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Green News

List of 2 news stories.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle!

    D-E plans new construction on the site of Umpleby Hall once we move into the new building in the spring.
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  • 7th Grade Meadow Maintenance Project

    On this work day, students in the 7th grade science classes reseeded a perennial pocket meadow by the Nettie-Louise Coit Teaching Garden with wildflowers as part of their units on Plants and Pollinators and as part of the year’s focus on conservation issues.
    Read More

Check Out These Green Links & Resources!

D-E was the first NJ School to earn Green Star certification from the Green Restaurant Association! Visit D-E Green Campus above to learn more. 
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