Alumni Horizons- Career Networking and Mentors

About D-E Horizons

D-E Horizons is a career networking and mentorship program that seeks to forge connections between current students, recent graduates, and the broad community of D-E alumni. D-E Horizons offers various programs and resources to help our alumni develop strong personal and professional connections, including:
Mentor Program
The Mentor Program is a unique opportunity for college alumni to explore their academic and career interests through a one-on-one conversation with an alumna or alumnus of the school. Mentees are matched with an alumni mentor whose career path matches with mentees' interests.  
Mentors provide practical advice, knowledge, networking, and encouragement to help mentees navigate their personal and professional futures. Professionals from all disciplines, training, and career stages are welcome to apply! 
The deadline to apply is Sunday, December 31, 2023.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is D-E's role in the mentor/mentee partnership?
D-E facilitates the mentor/mentee connection but is not directly involved in monitoring mentor-mentee activities. The mentor and mentee determine the goals of the mentorship and manage the partnership together. 
Am I eligible to become a mentor?
D-E Horizons is seeking alumni who will:
  1. Meet with their mentee virtually or in person at least once for an hour.
(If both parties agree, they may continue to meet following this initial session)

  1. Provide the mentee with professional and academic guidance, networking, encouragement, and support.

  1. Have at least five years or more of professional experience (preferably).
(note: we will consider mentors with less experience if they have a specific area of expertise)

  1. Create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere and have fun!
How are mentoring matches made?
D-E Alumni Relations in conjunction with the Career Networking Subcommittee of the Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) reviews both mentor and mentee applications to ensure they would be a good fit according to the information available. After D-E makes the matches, an email is sent to both parties providing information and instructions for their session. 
When will I be matched with my mentor/mentee?
Matches are made by mid-February 2024. Applications for the current year are due on December 31, 2023. 
Please note: mentor matching is NOT guaranteed. We will do our best to find an alumni volunteer who aligns with your professional interests, however, it's possible that there may not be a mentor who's the right fit for you. If that happens, the alumni office will work with you to utilize online resources such as our Candid Career video platform and LinkedIn for career networking, advice, and guidance.
How are meetings conducted?
Mentors and mentees can meet virtually or face-to-face. The Mentees are responsible for scheduling meetings, preparing the agendas, and all other pre-meeting work. This will ensure that the discussions touch on the topics that matter most to the mentee. 
What happens after the first meeting?
Mentors are committed to meeting each mentee for one 1-2 hour(s) session. If both parties agree, you may continue to meet following the initial session. Or they can reapply to be matched with a new mentor. 
Will my mentor help me get a job or internship?
The Mentor Program is not a job or internship placement program and mentors are not required to recommend mentees for career-related opportunities or provide them with work. Mentors CAN help you by offering advice on job and internship search strategies.

For more information contact
Alumni & Senior Networking Event - Friday, May 24, 2024

Each year, D-E Alumni Relations provides opportunities for graduating seniors to network with D-E alumni. The Alumni & Senior Networking Event is a meaningful opportunity for seniors to learn more about what to expect from the next chapter of their lives from the perspective of fellow D-E graduates. The event features panel discussions and round-table conversations with young alumni and alumni who are more established in their careers, including:

Recent Alumni Panel (College Tips)
The senior class learns from a small group of recent graduates about their college experience thus far: making course selections/choosing a major, their experiences on campus, and their reflections since graduation.

Alumni Power Networking (Career Conversations)
Alumni mentors share their stories and lead informal round table conversations with successive groups of students in four 20-minute “power” sessions (introduction, conversation, and question & answer). Mentors are selected based on the professional interests of the senior class. 
If you're interested in participating in one of our on-campus mentorship and networking events or would like to get more involved, please email us at
LinkedIn & D-E
D-E encourages all alumni to follow Dwight-Englewood School on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn profile allows you to search for more than 1,600 D-E alumni by company, keyword, or title.

How it Works:

  • Go to your LinkedIn Profile and scroll down to the Education section.
  • Add D-E to your profile as an education entry (if it isn’t already). Click the "add" (+) button, type Dwight-Englewood School into the School field, and any other education information. Otherwise, the alumni tool will not work for you.
  • Once added, select Dwight-Englewood School to be redirected to D-E's LinkedIn Page.
  • Click on “Alumni” from the menubar at the top of the page. You can now see a list of profiles of D-E alumni
  • Narrow down your options using the search function. Filters are based on geography, industry, company, etc.
You can also join our exclusive Alumni Group (Dwight Englewood School Group) to connect with over 600 fellow D-E alumni and extend their professional network. Alumni can also promote their businesses and post job and internship opportunities. The group is exclusive to D-E alumni so it is vital to add Dwight-Englewood School to your LinkedIn profile under Education.
Candid Career
Try our digital career planning tool, Candid Career. Candid Career is an all-inclusive video platform with an extensive library of thousands of video interviews from real working professionals sharing real experiences and advice. Whether you are exploring majors or careers or preparing for a job interview Candid Career has the videos to help! Click here to check it out!

Alumni Horizons - Testimonials

"It was a pleasure meeting with my mentor. I appreciate the time that she had taken from her busy schedule to sit down and meet with me. I am grateful for the insight that she gave me into the finance field and for sharing her experiences with me. Once again, thank you for starting this program. It was extremely helpful." Matthew Weksler '16
"During the power breakfast my senior year, I spoke with Avery Landau '13 who is in the music business at Atlantic Records. I ended up interning for him and using him as a mentor throughout my music career. He has seen me go from an intern to a full A&R consultant and artist manager. If it wasn't for this power breakfast, I don't know where I would be." Lamaar Jaswal '18
"I met with my mentee and had a great conversation over coffee. He just shared his new short film script with me and I gave him some notes as well and may be able to get him some work in film on his off-time from school. Thanks for matching us up through the career mentor program. I think it'll be a good experience for both of us." Mark Stetson '02

Senior Class Panel Zoom Discussion April 23, 2021 Facilitated by D-E Alumni Relations

Candid Career

D-E Launches New Digital Career Networking Tool for Alumni called Candid Career! Click here to check it out!
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