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Your Support Matters! A Personal Testimonial...

Back by Popular Demand! Save the Date for Bulldog Bash 2024: Sat., April 27, 2024!

Save the Date & RSVP today for the Bulldog Bash 2024 on Leggett Field, featuring the RUBIX KUBE Band! This is our can't-miss, premiere event in support of D-E financial aid! 

Plan to join us and get ready to TWIST & TURN at the Bulldog Bash 2024: Saturday, April 27, 2024! 

Bulldog Bash 2024 Sponsors

THANK YOU to our Bulldog Bash 2024 Sponsors
confirmed to-date (see below)! 

Jinny and Ilyeon Kwon P'31, '31
Peter Serpico P'24
Nanar and Anthony Yoseloff P'27

Lisa Landau Carnoy '85 and David Carnoy P'22, '27, '27
Katya and Jeff Gersten P'28
Lisa and Darren Lazarus P'28
Jennifer and Stephen Rich P'20, '22
Michele and Daniel Ross P'27, '30

Gia and Victor Alvarez '99, P'29, '29
 Dana '94 and Joshua Baumgarten P'25, '26, '29
Jody and Tony Berger P'26, '28, '28
Kirsten and Mark Cunha P'28
Julie and Leeor Farhadian P'37, '39
Debra Wasserman and Jason Glasser P'25, '27
Jennifer and Ian Goodman P'20, '22, '25
NEW Robert Kartheiser, Jr. P'30
 Karen and Robert Kennedy P'28, '28
Tammy and Scott Mager P'22, '24
Danielle and David Orlofsky P'23, '26
Becky and Julian Singer '02, P'33, '35
NEW Aurielle and Michael Wilderman New Parent '32

Ilana and David Adelman P'24
NEW Reena and Samir Amrute P'35
Lori '88 and Eric Aroesty P'17, '20, '26
Samantha '92 and Yitzhack Asulin 
Miriam and Zeyad Baker '97, P'29, '31
Mina and Jeffrey Barany P'29
Katherine and Alex Blostein P'28, '32
Alice and Patrick Chu P'25, '27, '30
Lauren and Daniel Cohen P'27, '29
Kalpana Bains '99 and Gurbhej Dhillon P'28, '31
NEW Toby and Sandy Florman P'17, '20, '24
Caralyn and Steven Fuld P'17, '21, '26
Christine and Dominick Gabriel P'27, '29
Danielle and Ajay Goyal P'27, '27
Liz and Jeremy Gregersen P'29, '38
Mala and Bill Harker P'27, '32
Lauren Hoelzer and Eric Helenek P'37
Isabella Lacayo and Eric Hochstadt '97, P'28, '34
Shanna and Rafi Jafri '94, P'22, '24, '26, '32
Meaghan and Jeff Janker P'35
Jane and Damian Jee P'27, '29, '32
Tara and Ron Krolick P'26
Katie and Christian Kurtz P'32, '35
 Lisa and Stephen Lascher P'27
Kristie Wong and George Lee P'22, '25
Shraddha and Ravi Munver '88, P'23, '25
NEW Monica Ranniger and Michael Nelson P'24
Cyma Zarghami '80 and George Obergfoll P'15, '21, '25
Michele and David Opper '92, P'23, '23, '27
 Lopa Maharaja and Niles Patel P'31, '33
NEW Anat and Josh Peirez P'21, '25, '26
 Rachna and Ankur Randev P'29, '31
Ami Vaidya '91 and Sivaram Rajan P'24, '26
Bev Mac Keen and Michael Rego P'24, '30
Bonnie and Michael Rhee P'29, '37
Michelle and Vineet Sehgal P'30, '35
Pinal and Sanket Shah P'24, '25
Amy and Seth Shapiro P'27, '29
Maria Magistro-Sherry and Peter Sherry P'24, '24 
NEW Masha Lavie '05 and Slav Shkolnik
Ribli and Rami Singh P'32, '35, '37
Lisa Solbakken P'27
Cara and Michael Strashnov P'25, '29
Sara and Mitchell Spinnell P'23, '25 
Shannon and Jim Sullivan P'27, '29
Mandavi and Saurabh Tandon P'29
Sally and Shane Tiemann P'28, '30
Renu and Daniel Vitale P'25
Michelle and Robert Wartell P'30

Are YOU or is your BUSINESS interested in joining our Bash 2024 as a sponsor? Please CLICK HERE or email Linda Binder, Director of Special Events, at: 
CLICK HERE for our Sponsorship Opportunities Info. Form (PDF)!
DONATE an item or experience to our Auction: 
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Bulldog Bash
“Get into the Groove”

Katya Gersten P'28 and Lisa Lazarus P'28 
Event Co-Chairs
Beverley Mac Keen P’24, ’30
Director of Development
Maria Sanchez Gardner ’78
Director of Alumni and Development Services
Dawn Lozada P’29
Director of Annual Giving & Volunteer Management
Linda Binder
Director of Special Events
Liz Iannaconi ’04
Assistant Director of Alumni and Development Services
Lynn Ferrara
Development Database Manager

Past Event Chair Liaisons
Jennifer Goodman P’20, ’22, ’25
Tammy Mager P’22, ’24
Roseann Todd P’19, ’23
Kirsten Cunha P’28
Karen Kennedy P’28
Bart Klemensowski
Joel Lee ’17
Liz Tausner P’20, ’22, ’22
Day of Event
Jennie Dundas P’28
Maria Magistro-Sherry P’24, ’24
5th Grade Art Project
Payal Jain P’31
Rachna Randev P’29, ’31
Lead Specialist on Parent Outreach
Kalpana Bains ’99, P’28, ’31
Marketing and Ticketing
Jennifer Carp Seriale P’22, ’24
Jenifer Geller P’28, ’30
Allison Hartstone P’26, ’28
Beth Meleski P’20, ’21, ’28
Senior Celebration
Michael Nelson P’24
Kat Blostein P’32
Sara Spinnell P’23, '25, '25

General Committee Members
Sofia Aviles P’27, ’31
Chithra Balasingham P’25, P’26
Dana Baumgarten ’94, P’25, ’26, ’29
Dr. Sherronda Brown P’31, ’31
Lauren Hoelzer P'32
Clarence Jackson P’36
Lana Katz P’28, ’28
David Lee P’29, ’31
Carole Leroy P’28
Ginny Luciano
Terrance Nicholls P’28
Priyanka Reddy P'37
Rosy Polanco P’36
Joella Rakovsky P’28
Jennifer Rich P'20, '22
Becky Singer P’33, ’35
Erica Schierman P'27
Elizabeth Traub P’27
Niya Wanich P’28, ’30
Jan Wiener P’22, ’26


A Look Back to Bulldog Bash 2019: A Night Under the Stars... on Leggett Field!

Bulldog Bash 2023 Ad Journal

Bulldog Bash 2023: A Smashing Success!

Here's to "Going for the Gold" for Financial Aid!

Our sincerest gratitude for your attendance and support as we danced through the D-Ecades while raising money for Financial Aid. Your presence and generosity made a significant difference in helping us achieve our goals. Together we raised over $600,000!

Thank You & A Look Back: Bash 2022 Freestyle Love Supreme

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our D-E community members, the D-E Bulldog Bash at the Edison Ballroom on Saturday, April 30th was an incredible success! This was our first in-person event since 2020 and we were all grateful to spend the night celebrating and supporting a critical D-E initiative: Financial Aid. Of our 407 guests, we were thrilled to have ten newly accepted families and twelve alumni join us that night. We raised $510,000 for Financial Aid which is a new record in the history of this event.

A special “thank you” to our amazing volunteer Co-Chairs, Jennifer Goodman (P’20, ‘22, ‘25) and Tammy Mager (P’22, ‘24), for their leadership and guidance throughout the entire event planning process. Their inspiration, dedication, attention to detail and great company made doing great work for our community even that much more fun! To our entire Bulldog Bash Committee who worked continuously on sponsorships, auction items, décor and displays, you made the evening shine!   Lastly, to our sponsors and donors, who firmly believe in our cause to support Financial Aid, our mission to “make it better” is only made possible thanks to your generosity! Thank you!  

All of our guests were well-entertained throughout the night thanks to the celebrated improvisational performance of Freestyle Love Supreme which kept the audience tapping, rapping and laughing.  Upon check-in each guest was asked to think of one word and write it down on a notecard.  Our performers then randomly selected words submitted that evening and created a rap to the word promptly right there on the spot! And of course, throughout the evening  DJ Shant kept the tunes spinning and the dance floor rockin’ as our MC Trevor Shaw kept the show on track!

The highlight of the evening was a heartfelt and inspiring speech by graduating parent, Jeffrey Seller (P ’21,’22) who talked about the role of luck in our success and the meaningful benefits of passing luck along via financial aid contributions.  He led the way to the Reverse Auction with the assistance of our funny and talented Auctioneer, Roseann Todd (P’19, ’23). A record $232,000 was raised via Reverse Auction that night thanks to their outstanding work.

Our night ended sweetly with take home treats provided to every guest from The Treat House (Jennifer and Chris Russell). All around it was a very successful evening and we are thrilled with the contribution to Financial Aid!  Thanks to everyone who attended, donated, sponsored, bid, bought a raffle ticket and supported our cause!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2023.  We were sold out this year, so please save the date for next year – Saturday, April 29, 2023!

A Night to Remember! Photo Highlights from the Bulldog Bash 2022

Thank You Sponsors! The Bulldog Bash 2022 eJournal

Buldog Bash

A Look Back: Bulldog Bash "A Night at the Races" Commemorative eJournal

A Look Back: The D-E Head of School Society Fall 2022 BBQ at Montammy Country Club

What a D-Elightful, memorable evening!

Members of the D-E Head of School Society gathered together after a two-year pandemic-related hiatus to meet the incoming Head of School, Jeremey Gregersen, and his wife Liz.  The fun casual format of this event allowed for organic connecting with community members, both new and known. The Head of School Society recognizes gifts of $2,500 and above and Young Alumni (last ten years)  gifts of $250 and above.  While unrestricted Annual Fund participation is always the Dwight-Englewood priority, we thank all of the Head of School Society who prove leadership is so vital to our community's success.

Photo Highlights from the D-E Head of School Society Fall 2022 BBQ Event

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