D-E Profiles

David Schulman '16

I started at D-E in the fifth grade, which means I am a “D-E Lifer”. My hometown is right across the George Washington Bridge, New York City.
My favorite English teachers are Ms. Frankel and Mr. Krauthamer, as both improved my writing vastly. Ms. Frankel and I have also grown to have a great relationship and she has been a strong supporter and mentor of mine. While English may be my favorite subject, certain teachers have made other classes very exciting to learn in. Mr. Biondolino is a superb Latin teacher, whom I was lucky enough to have for three years in a row. While very demanding, he is a kind, passionate man who deeply cares for his students. Señora Levin was my Spanish teacher for two years and I've learned much from her. She really helped me be able to write essays in a foreign language. Another stand out language teacher, as you can see the pattern here, is Madame Berk. I had her for the first time in my senior year and she was fantastic. While it was daunting to be switching into a new language, I loved how she kept the classroom atmosphere always light, but still taught us French at a very fast pace. I also would like to mention Mr. Jewett. A former attorney, Mr. Jewett taught my Issues in American Law 1 and 2 H classes this year. Since my current career aspiration is to become a lawyer, this class was enlightening and thought-provoking. Mr. Jewett himself is a funny guy and his insistence upon learning current events was a huge benefit. Lastly, I highly recommend taking a class with Dr. Carragher (AP Psychology). An excellent teacher, he truly understands what his students are going through due to the stress of school.
My favorite sport here at Dwight is absolutely Baseball. I have played baseball since I was four years old, so it is a huge passion of mine. Playing on the varsity team has been a great experience. I have been involved in multiple clubs over my career at D-E, but Stock Market Club has to be one of my favorites. I was Vice President of the club and was able to learn a lot about the stock market and what to look for when buying stocks.
Each day holds so many great events that you never really know what you are in for once you step onto campus, so no day is truly typical. However, my usual day always begins at the Senior Lounge – a great spot to see friends in the morning. I got to experience the new Hajjar Stem Center as my AP Statistics course was held there. In the spring specifically, you would find me on the baseball field every day after school practicing or playing with the team.
Coming into this academic year, I was looking forward to many things. First was enjoying the senior year, as being the oldest comes with many perks, but especially since it was my last year at Dwight. Having matured a lot at this school, I truly appreciate all that I have learned. I was also very excited to learn a new language - as I have taken Spanish my whole life so deciding to switch to French was not an easy decision. Next year, I am looking forward to the challenge that is college. I know that my time here at Dwight has prepared me academically and I am excited to continue the learning experience. Socially, I look forward to meeting new people and making new friends.
It is difficult to choose one highlight over the course of my time at Dwight. Each year brought new challenges and perspectives that can only be achieved through the passage of time and through the process of maturing in a nurturing, educational environment. Earning entrance into the Cum Laude Society, making into the Varsity Baseball team, and winning multiple athletic awards for baseball are the many memorable moments at D-E. I know I will surely miss the sense of community and family that the faculties have created.  More importantly, though, the time spent with friends and teachers over my tenure here will definitely be what I remember the most.
Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Dwight-Englewood is a greater New York City area private school with a rigorous college prep curriculum for boys and girls in preschool through grade 12.