D-E Profiles

Lucy Plowe ’16

Lucy Plowe started at D-E as an eighth grader, and lives in West Nyack, NY. Her two younger sisters attend D-E, Emma ’19 and Caroline (Kiki) ’21.
My favorite classes have been all the art classes with Ms. Diaz, AP Art History with Mrs. Devito, and AP Literature with Mr. Kosnik. I especially enjoyed my experience in AP Studio Art, which I took as a junior. With the help of Ms. Diaz, I was able to create a really strong portfolio that I truly enjoyed creating. The class also allowed me to become friends with artists in other grades who became some of my closest friends at D-E. I also took Innovative Design this year, which has helped me to think about and analyze the way our very visually rich media culture works and is created.
The most important club at D-E for me has been GSA (Gender and Sexuality Association). Although I joined the club during my junior year, I think it’s one of the most important clubs on campus. It provides a truly safe space where students and teachers come together in a friendly environment and support each other with their shared experiences. I’ve really enjoyed my time getting to know students I maybe wouldn’t have otherwise talked to, and discussing issues in current events and the media with Dr. Carragher.
This year, I usually spend as much of my time in Swartley as much as possible. I’ve taken art as a major class for three years and also as a minor all four years. That means that usually, I have 2 blocks scheduled at Swartley, and I usually choose to spend my free periods there too! I like to go there to work on new ideas in my sketchbook, to create pieces for my portfolio, and to talk about interesting things with my favorite art teacher, Ms. Diaz. 
I had looked forward to the Senior Focus Project throughout my time at D-E so I was very excited to finally do my Focus Project as a senior. It ended up being one of the most rewarding experiences in all of my upper school years. I was able to bring together my passions for video games, feminism, and art into one really rewarding and interesting experience. On the first semester, I wrote my research paper on the representation of women in video games historically, as well as the treatment of women in the field and in marketing for games. I was able to analyze some of my favorite games that I'm very familiar with, as well as learn more about their predecessors and common tropes in the industry. On the second semester, I created my own character designs, attempting to subvert sexist tropes to create interesting, multi-dimensional female character.  It was amazing to challenge myself both intellectually and artistically as I created concept art, especially since this is an area where I can see myself working one day.  
Next year I’ll be attending Cornell University where I'll be pursuing a BFA in Visual Arts. I’m really excited to pursue my interests in different media, as well as my love for art history, the classics, horticulture, and psychology. Thanks to the support of my incredible teachers and the administration, I was able to focus my upper school around my passions in art, art history, and other humanities. As a result, I had the time and space to consider and dive deeply into my creative work. I created a portfolio of artwork that earned recognition by both the National Young Arts Foundation and the Scholastic Awards. As one of 9 YoungArts winners in the Northeast, I spent a week in April in New York City, meeting and creating art with prominent artists like José Parlá, Dustin Yellin, and Roselee Goldberg. That week was incredibly valuable because it exposed me to working artists and their work which I did not know existed, and it inspired me to pursue my passions to the next level. I was also given the opportunity to show my work at Sotheby’s, which was an incredible experience and has motivated me to continue in creating. I’m grateful for the unique opportunity that D-E gave me to design my own upper school program in a way that suited my interests and allowed me to challenge myself in the areas that I wanted to challenge the most.
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