D-E Profiles

Tara Satnick '16

Tara Satnick '16 started Dwight-Englewood as a seventh grader. Before she attended D-E, she attended Solomon Schechter Day School in New Milford. Tara's older sister, Marti Satnick ’11, and her older brother, Corey Satnick ’13, both graduated from D-E.
I can confidently say that I have loved and benefited from each class that I took at D-E, but if I had to narrow it down to just one favorite, I would say the Japanese Literature elective that I took in 10th grade with Mr. Deal. He was able to take a subject that I knew absolutely nothing about and make extremely fascinating. Thanks to this class, I plan to study Japanese and hope to one day actually travel to Japan. Another class I really loved was AP US History with Mr. Stott. It was a huge challenge for me because there is so much material to cover for the AP curriculum and Mr. Stott holds all of his students to a high standard, but it was extremely rewarding at the end of the year and I learned so much. Mrs. Barrett has been my advisor, my math teacher, and my cross-country coach, so we have gotten to know each other on so many different levels. At this point, I consider her my second mother. As a teacher, she makes herself available to all of her students and sacrifices absolutely any free time she has. As a coach, she is your biggest fan. As an advisor, she is always checking up on us and making sure that we aren’t too stressed or overwhelmed with work. She is such an amazing role model. Another teacher I love is Mr. Daly. He’s never actually taught me before, but he’s been my cross-country, winter track, and spring track coach since I was in 9th grade. He is extremely supportive of everything I do, on and off the track, and I don’t know if I would be as confident or as successful as I have been without him. He is always go-to for not only a confidence booster but also advice or a good laugh.
I’m involved in a lot of activities at D-E. I’ve been told countless times that I’m actually involved in too many because I find it hard to balance them sometimes, but I can’t imagine giving up any of them and the time commitment is totally worth it. I am on the cross-country and track teams year round and I am convinced my teammates and the sport itself are what keep me sane throughout the stress of school. I mainly focus on long distance events, so in the fall I race the 5k and for track, I race the mile (1600 meters) and the 2-mile (3200 meters). I’ve been so lucky to have some amazing coaches over the years, especially Kraut and Mr. Daly. They always pushed me the perfect amount. I am actually going to continue running cross-country and track next year at WashU!
Another extremely important activity to me is Student Government. I have been a class representative since I was in 9th grade and I have learned so many life skills from it. I have been working on organizing events for the past four years, such as Spirit Week and the All-School Carnival, and I absolutely love it. I also ran for VP and President, and even though I lost the elections both years, the process taught me so much about coping with failure. Another club that I really love is Jazz Rock. It’s actually my first year in the club, so it hasn't been a huge part of my high school career, but I am so happy that I auditioned and so grateful that I was chosen to be a lead singer. It’s so humbling to be around such talented musicians and singers at the rehearsals and actually being in the concerts definitely gave me a newfound appreciation for the whole club. I was extremely nervous before the performances, but they were both amazing experiences for me because I felt so supported by my peers and teachers in the audience and in the club.
I try to get to school around 7:50 so I have enough time to socialize before my first-period class. I really don’t have many frees, so my days are mostly classes. When I don’t have class, you can usually find me doing homework in the Klein Conference Center, distracting one of my teachers (Mr. Daly or Ms. G are my biggest victims), or in a meeting.  Then, I go to cross-country or track practice every day after school. This probably makes my days sound repetitive or boring, but I promise they’re actually always fun and different! 
I really looked forward to studying computer science with Mr. Iwanski because it was a subject I’d never learned anything about before and it was completely new to me, so I was excited to take on that challenge. Mr. Iwanski does a really good job of integrating experienced programmers and beginners into one class. As for next year, I’m going to Washington University in St. Louis and I am so excited! I’m not sure what I’ll be studying yet, but I plan on taking classes in both philosophy and women’s studies.
A big highlight was receiving the Junior Citizenship Award last year under the tent. Since middle school, the awards under the tent have been a huge deal. I considered the award a big honor and the ultimate sign of respect from the school. It gave me a lot of confidence and was a nice reminder that my hard work doesn’t go unrecognized, although that’s obviously not the reason that I love contributing to the school. 
Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Dwight-Englewood is a greater New York City area private school with a rigorous college prep curriculum for boys and girls in preschool through grade 12.