D-E Profiles

Ethan Hunter '18

Even though Englewood, NJ is home for Ethan Hunter ’18, Ethan embraces multiple areas as his own through public service and advocacy. Ethan has two brothers that attend D-E, Aidan ’23 and Ezra Hunter ’19.
Ethan credits his parents and grandparents for his dedication to become a significant contributor in his community. Ethan explains, “my parents and grandparents have taught me by example that each of us has an obligation to be an active member of our community.” Inspired by his admirable family, one of the accomplishment that he achieved was leading the Project Cicero Book drive as a co-leader. Ethan furthers, “Project Cicero NNJ is an annual non-profit book drive designed to create and supplement classroom libraries in under-resourced New Jersey public school. Each year, over 40 schools including D-E in Northern New Jersey host book collections. [Since it began in 2013], Project Cicero NNJ has been responsible for placing approximately 150,00 books in 200 local classrooms.
Not only as a student co-leader in the annual Project Cicero book drive initiative, he also feels fulfilled advocating for peace and justice. Ethan says, “I applied for and was accepted to a Write On For Israel program, which trains a small cohort of high school juniors and seniors about how to combat anti-Semitism on college campuses and how to be an effective advocate for Israel through journalism, broadcasting, and public speaking. I also volunteer weekly in the religious school at my synagogue shadowing a child with special needs.”
Ethan concludes, “through my work, I have learned that I have a chance to shape the world, and that I can make a difference.” To learn more about Project Cicero, click here or visit
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