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Board of Trustees


Trustees of Dwight-Englewood School are entrusted with the responsibility of stewardship over the institution as a whole, collectively tasked with overseeing the School's well-being and the advancement of its mission. Integral to this stewardship is ensuring compliance with all legal obligations and fostering prudent financial management for both present and future endeavors. 

Board members are nominated by the Committee on Trustees and elected by the full Board based on their dedication to the School and alignment with the mission and the immediate and long-term goals of the institution. The full Board convenes at least seven times annually to deliberate reports from the Head of School, administrators, and Board Committees.

The Board conducts much of its business through standing committees, which convene regularly. Additionally, the Board retains the authority to establish further committees as required. Currently, these committees include:
  • Executive Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Buildings & Grounds
  • Committee on Trustees 
  • Development Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Investment Committee
How to contact the Board of Trustees: Email bot@d-e.org
Ami Vaidya ‘91
Peter Keum
Jennifer Rich
Nelly Bly
Caralyn Fuld
Jeremy Kroll
Michael Malhame ‘88
Allyson Tucker-Mitchell
Carlos De Alba
Josh Baumgarten
Mark Greene
Michael Leiter ‘87
Saba Nwankpah
David Orlofsky
Sean Larry Stevens ‘06
Candice Braun
Theresa Hazelton
Candace Rabinowitz
Nanar Yoseloff
Miriam Baker
Lisa Landau Carnoy '85
Patrick Chu
Michael Rhee

(Listed in order of tenure)

2023-2024 OFFICERS
Ami Vaidya '91 - Chair/President
David Orlofsky - Vice Chair
Candace Rabinowitz - Treasurer
Saba Nwankpah – Secretary

Sandra Borg '57 (deceased)
Michael Heath
Armand Pohan '60
John Scott
Daniel Simpson
Donald Drapkin (deceased)
John H. Klein
Abigail Weinshank
William Collins
Robin Klehr Avia
Emily Mann
Catherine McIntire Leslie (deceased)
Margaret ("Peggy") Ragi
Karen Silvera
Steven Abrams '70
Joan Van Alstyne Johnson '44 (deceased)
John Hajjar, M.D.
Matthew Golub
Ray Spitzley

Mailing Address: 315 East Palisade Avenue Englewood, NJ 07631
gps: 81 Lincoln Street, Englewood, NJ 07631
201-569-9500 Email: d-e@d-e.org
Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Dwight-Englewood is a greater New York City area private school with a rigorous college prep curriculum for boys and girls in preschool through grade 12.