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Values & Vision

At Dwight-Englewood, we all come to grow. We seek growth in respect, honesty, judgment, commitment, courage and community and expect each of us to work towards living these, our shared values. We believe that the opportunity to grow is a precious gift, one that brings out our best selves. Our community aspires to meet the ideals of our Mission Statement, and our alumni endeavor to meet the principles identified in our Profile of a Graduate and Profile of a Teacher (see below). 

To learn more about our D-E Core Values and related Human Ed qualities, click on the links directly below.

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  • Respect

    Respect takes many forms: respect for others, respect for the environment, and respect for self. We show our respect for others by being considerate and attentive to their needs and wishes. In a diverse community such as ours, it is especially important to respect our differences and celebrate our diversity. We show respect for the environment by taking good care of the world around us. We act to preserve the beauty and resources of our campus, our community, and our planet. Finally, we show respect for ourselves by appreciating our strengths, taking care of our bodies and minds, and doing what we know to be right.
  • Honesty

    Honesty is the bedrock of knowledge, trust, and self-respect. Any community depends on honesty so that its members can trust one another. In an academic community, the role of honesty is especially critical. Without honesty, science becomes speculation; history becomes fiction. Without honesty, it is impossible to see the world clearly. Whether on the playing field or in the classroom, one can feel accomplished only when an achievement is truly one’s own, an honest effort. Honesty is a responsibility to one’s self and the world.
  • Judgment

    Judgment means making good decisions on important questions. It is called upon in a wide range of situations, from choosing friends to writing an essay, from selecting a college to voting. Judgment often involves questions of right and wrong. We form judgments about our individual actions, as well as the actions of others. Good judgment depends upon an objective, careful consideration of the facts, the ability to weigh conflicting views, and a clear sense of the standards and values that underlie our decisions. 
  • Community

    Community means not only taking responsibility for ourselves, but also caring for those around us. We build community when we show kindness and consideration for one another. We strengthen our community as we work together toward a common goal, whether in the classroom or in extracurricular activities. Finally, service to others, both on campus and off, expresses our dedication to community. Though we all have our own individual needs and wishes, we do not try to satisfy them at the expense of others. Indeed, we realize our personal dreams more fully when we all give one another strength and support. 
  • Courage

    Courage is needed to bridge the gap between knowing the right thing to do and actually doing it. In most ethical dilemmas the difficult problem is not knowing what we should do, but rather having the strength of character to follow through on our convictions. It takes courage to refrain from a wrongful action. It takes even greater courage to admit when we have done something wrong and make amends. It takes exceptional courage to stand against the harmful actions of others. 
  • Commitment

    Commitment means setting goals and striving diligently to achieve them: it also means accepting responsibility for our own progress. We show our commitment in all areas of our loves at the school: academic, athletic, and creative. Whether in a lead or a supporting role, as a star athlete or a substitute, on minor as well as major assignments, we always aim toward excellence and take pride in our achievement. Whatever our level of talent or accomplishment, we are committed to doing the best we can. 

Human Ed Qualities

HumanEd qualities are distinct from Core Values in that we as educators strive to both develop these qualities within ourselves, and to inspire these qualities in our students–regardless of how well they exhibit and embrace these qualities upon their arrival at our school.  The qualities are meant to be both “Humane,” insofar as they allow educators to treat each student with dignity and compassion while helping them grow, and to be “Human” insofar as they are the uniquely human characteristics that will allow students to grow into their best selves.  Moreover, our conviction is that these 8 qualities will allow students to go on to develop a lifelong love of and respect for learning that will enable them to thrive in any professional or academic environment.  These qualities are noted below and are as follows:

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Profile of a Graduate

These are the qualities, skills, and habits of mind and body that we strive to instill in our students.  We believe strongly that they emanate directly from the mission statement and represent worthy behaviors towards which all members of our community can and should aspire.

1.  Inspired by a rich and challenging program, our graduates will explore ideas critically, communicate effectively, and lead active intellectual lives.

2.  With the confidence fostered by their experiences here, our graduates will continue to cultivate their talents and pursue their passions.

3.  Through understanding born of a diverse and caring community, our graduates will engage creatively and compassionately in the world.
4. Guided by the values nurtured in their years at Dwight-Englewood School, our graduates will think clearly, decide wisely, and live honestly.

Profile of a D-E Teacher

We are here because we care for our students as learners, and as people.

We look to the School's mission for guidance in all aspects of our work. 

We guide our students in developing the skills, understanding, and habits of mind to become independent learners and transfer their learning to new and unfamiliar situations.

We engage in the full life of our school, educating, supporting, and knowing our students beyond their academic experience. 

We continue to grow as professionals, deepening our knowledge and improving our practice at a pace consistent with our changing world.
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Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Dwight-Englewood is a greater New York City area private school with a rigorous college prep curriculum for boys and girls in preschool through grade 12.