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D-E Garden Project

The D-E Garden Project is a parent volunteer group led by Sue Evans P '18,  Sixth Grade Dean Tasha Urbanowski and Sayantani DasGupta P '20, '22. The group helps to develop D-E’s teaching vegetable gardens through outdoor garden work, plant purchasing, garden design, green initiatives, and planning of garden events. As they provide important educational opportunities, the gardens also bring students in contact with nature and refresh the spirit of those who use them.
Where can you help as volunteers?
• Material Support – mulch, fertilizer, plants, furniture, equipment
• Labor Support – family work days
• Health, Wellness, Nutrition
• Green Initiatives
• Garden Education and Outreach
Click here to volunteer online. For more information, e-mail degardenproject@gmail.com or call Sue Evans at 212-772-9270.

D-E Green Team

 The D-E Green Team is a constellation of smaller groups within the school who are working on projects to support the school in its ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality and to reduce its impact on the environment. The Green Team work also strives to provide students at the school with experiences and education that will inspire and allow them to carry on this "stewardship of the Earth" after they leave D-E -- "to meet the challenges of a changing world and make it better" by living in more sustanable ways and, hopefully, leading others to do so as well. Green Team groups exist in each division of the school and include faculty, staff, students and some parents. Representatives of these groups come together several times a year in "Green Team General Meetings" to share reports of our projects and plan how to coordinate our efforts.  Here are just a few examples of these efforts: 

Members of the D-E Green Team include:
Flik Dining Services; Upper School Environmental Club; Lower School Planeteers; Maintenance Staff; Faculty who are working on sustainability-related curriculum; and the D-E Garden Project (see above).

Some of the initiatives led by the D-E Green Team have included:
  • Trayless Lunches: Trays are no longer used at Upper School lunch, significantly decreasing the amount of energy and water used to wash trays, and decreasing the amount of food waste.
  • Composting: Everything from fruit peels to the napkins we use during the meal are all composted! D-E has been composting in a limited way for years, and with your help, we will do an even better job. Put your compost in the buckets next to the waste bins in the cafeteria at lunch, and lunch duty and DIG-class kids will take care of the rest. Here are our guidelines on our effort to reduce our waste and educate our kids about environmentally sustainable practices:
  • Eco-friendly paper and cleaning products from Hillyard, including toilet paper, glass cleaners, disinfectants, cooler cleaners, foam soap and hand sanitizer; as well as copy paper that has 30% recycled content and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  • "Bring Your Own Mugs": To minimize the use of paper cups on campus and to save more than $7,000 in the cost of paper cups throughout the year, D-E asks all Faculty and Staff to bring their own mugs for hot beverages. In addition to saving money, we produce less waste to be trucked to landfills.
  • Leadership in all campus-wide sustainability-related programs and presentations including the annual Green Cup Challenge, and Earth Day events.
For more information about D-E Green Team or to get involved email Tasha Urbanowski at urbant@d-e.org.
Mailing Address: 315 East Palisade Avenue Englewood, NJ 07631
gps: 81 Lincoln Street, Englewood, NJ 07631
201-569-9500 Email: d-e@d-e.org
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