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From Kim Lewis, Lower School (LS) Principal

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  • 6.12.2020 LS Notes (Weekly ENewsletter; Latest Issue)

    Dear Lower School Families,
    on the Lower School website at 
    Kim Lewis 
    LS Principal 
  • 5.28.2020 Introducing "Coping with COVID-19" Website

    May 28, 2020 
    Dear Dwight-Englewood School Families,  
    As we all continue to work through the complex challenges associated with the pandemic, we want to inform you of a new online resource that has been created: our new
    This new "Coping with COVID-19" Website is only accessible to D-E students, parents/guardians, and faculty/staff, after Logging-In to MyD-E. 
    To access the new "Coping with COVID-19" Website:
    > LogIn to MyD-E. 
    > You will find a link to the "Coping with COVID-19" Website on your Resource Board, and/or click here.
    > If you need help to LogIn to MyD-E, please Email
    Together we have worked to curate and collect the various links that you will find on "Coping with COVID-19" which include resources for sound mental, physical, and emotional health. Also included are links supplied by parents/guardians and faculty/staff, who have shared them with us since the first few weeks of quarantining and physical distancing. 
    We welcome suggestions of new resources to provide to our extended community on our "Coping with COVID-19" Website.  Please send any links or new resources ideas to us via Email at:
    Finally we wish to express our collective wish for your health and safety at this difficult time. 
    Kim Lewis, Lower School Principal
    Jonathan Davis, Middle School Principal 
    Joe Algrant, Upper School Principal
    Mirangela Buggs,  Director of Equity & Diversity Engagement
    Michelle Carstens, Chair, D-E Health & Wellness Dept.
    Lynda Soriano, Director, Human Resources
    D-E Student Support Services Team 


Dear Families, 

The Lower School at Dwight-Englewood School is a vibrant and captivating place. Each classroom is filled with children and adults from very diverse families and experiences. Our primary focus is on the academic, social-emotional and physical growth and success of the children in our care. Daily, the dedicated faculty and staff at Dwight-Englewood School work to foster an environment of engagement that allows our students to encounter rich academic tasks. The students also have the opportunity to explore and to learn with, and from, one another. Each day, our children are astir with great ideas and perspectives about the work that they encounter throughout the school day. These lessons and experiences seek to draw on each child’s creativity. At various times during the school day, students are provided with opportunities to think critically and to receive guidance and support as they demonstrate perseverance through challenging tasks. The full experience in the Lower School helps our students to know that they can, and will, make a difference in our ever-changing world. 

I invite you to learn more about the Lower School.  

Kim Lewis
Lower School Principal

Meet Our LS Administration

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  • Photo of Kimberly Lewis

    Ms. Kimberly Lewis 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    Lower School Principal
  • Photo of Susan Abramson

    Ms. Susan Abramson 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    Assistant Lower School Principal
    (201) 227-3222
    Bank Street College of Education - M.A.
    Reed College - B.A.

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