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From Jonathan Davis, Middle School (MS) Principal

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  • 4.5.2020 Update for MS Families: Welcome "Back"/Phase II Distance Learning Details

    Middle School Families,

    I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health.  This has been the most unusual spring break that anyone has experienced, and I know we are in a world where every student is just wishing they could get back to school and campus.  

    The day we left campus for the three day weekend, teachers were told to plan for the week before spring break and the three day week immediately following spring break.  When Dr. DeJarnett made the decision to close the school, it was our sincere hope that we would be able to resume back on campus four weeks later. Sadly, this is not going to happen, as Dr. DeJarnett has recently set our marker for the earliest point of return the first Monday in May.

    When we resume school on Monday, there will be some changes to the Middle School schedule, as we enter phase II of teaching off campus.  The teachers and deans worked over spring break, including a professional day this past Thursday, to make these adjustments. After the first week of distance learning it was clear that we needed to do this to make our program sustainable for the long term.  It is my hope that our new, phase II distance learning plan will:

    • Provide a tighter schedule structure for the Middle School students, while not overwhelming them with work.
    • Reintroduce the community aspects that were missing from the first week, including advisory and some club activities.
    • Give teachers more consistent work times, so they can balance their other needs while working from home.
    • Follow best practices for online learning, including building in small breaks and time away from screens.

    The new school day will run from 9:00 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  On Wednesdays, we will also begin at 9:00, but the school day will end at 11:30. This open afternoon time will allow teachers to meet, plan, and continue their professional development.  The organization of work will continue to be centered on our MyDE platform, where students regularly look for their assignments. They will also continue to use other systems they are using now, such as google docs, ALEKS, and google classroom. In this way, much about our courses will not be changing and structures will remain intact. We will continue to use Zoom as our main platform for interacting across the distances.

    Each Monday will begin with our traditional morning meeting, except it will come in video format rather than in person in Schenck Auditorium.  Students should be ready to log on to their iPads at 9:00 in their workspace. 

    Another important lesson we learned was the importance of assessing situations over time and being flexible in the face of experience. As such, we will re-evaluate this plan after a couple of weeks, and make any tweaks that improve the schedule. As you heard yesterday from Dr. DeJarnett, we have chosen Monday April 27 as a day off from school and any changes we make would begin after that.

    Looking forward to “seeing” everyone back at school.



Welcome to the Middle School at Dwight-Englewood. Our program is designed around the needs and experiences of Middle School students, and you can feel the enthusiasm and excitement within our walls. Our students and faculty love to come here, and we would love for your family to visit to experience it firsthand. Every day our students explore not only our diverse offerings in academics, arts, and athletics, but also the areas of personal ethics and problem solving skills. Middle School students at Dwight-Englewood experience the thrill of intellectual pursuits, the delight of finding new interests, the joy in social friendships, the pleasure of challenging oneself, and the excitement of developing leadership skills. They excel in the classroom, on the stage, on the playing fields, in the music halls, in making ethical decisions, and in solving meaningful problems in creative ways.
The Middle School years are truly an age of opportunity for intellectual and personal growth in students. Our students are challenged, nurtured, mentored, celebrated, and encouraged in a vast array of ways by the fabulous cadre of teachers. As our students grow emotionally, physically and intellectually, we are there to guide them along the way, gently pushing them and supporting them, and picking them up when they falter.
The core curriculum, along with enrichment programs, supports the Dwight-Englewood school mission. Our Discovery Classes, our HomeBase system, and our Activity Period are just a few of the exploratory and innovative programs that capitalize on students’ interests and extend their learning. Our Service Learning Community Connections and our Leadership Program provide experiences for our students to become ethical citizens of the world.
I invite you to explore the excitement found within our Middle School and encourage you to make an appointment with the Admissions Office.

Photo: Jonathan Davis, Middle School Principal, at Groundbreaking of the new Middle School building, currently under constuction.


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