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COVID-19 Messages From Joseph Algrant, Upper School (US) Principal

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  • 4.5.2020 Update for US Families: Welcome "Back"/Phase II Distance Learning Details

    Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,
    I hope that this note finds you doing OK in this surreal world where we find ourselves. It has been a wildly strange two weeks since we went on spring break, which as near as I can tell has not been much of a break for anyone. Adjusting to our new isolated lives is taking an emotional toll, and finding new daily rhythms has proven to be challenging. Separating work from home may be the most daunting aspect, and when we come back to school next week we will see how that plays out.
    The faculty has spent much of the break re-designing courses and curricula to fit the distance learning model that we will continue for at least the month of April, and potentially the rest of the year (much as we hope to return sometime in May). In our redesign we instituted what I would call the emerging best practices for our online learning in schools across the world. These new practices include shortening the length of the school day, reducing the number of classes per week, adjusting the amount of work outside the school day, retaining a significant amount of non-academic time during the week for advisory, class and club meetings, and the need for the faculty to meet together to plan. I sent your children that schedule yesterday, and they can now see it on their MyDE portal. I will also be sharing a document that outlines our guidelines, expectations, and suggestions. That document will be posted on our Covid-19 page that you can access here. 

    Another important lesson we learned was the importance of assessing situations over time and being flexible in the face of experience. As such, we will re-evaluate this schedule after a couple of weeks, and make any tweaks that improve our program. As you heard yesterday from Dr. DeJarnett, we have chosen Monday April 27 as a day off from school to allow us to pivot, and any changes we make would begin after that. 
    We have in effect established an operating philosophy for our time at home, believing that “less is more,” that everyone gets the benefit of the doubt, and that our primary obligation to our students is to help them emerge from this pandemic as intact, whole young adults. We are serving our students and each other in different ways now, keeping ourselves moving forwards academically and realizing at the same time that we cannot accomplish the same amount of material as we would normally be able to do. Material can always be covered later, and now it is most important to ensure that our students and families emerge whole from these times.

    As always, please be in touch as we move ahead into this next phase of our distance learning program. 


    Joe Algrant
    US Principal 
  • 3.20.2020 College Counseling Update for Class of 2021 (Junior) Families

    March 20, 2020
    Dear Junior Families,
    We know the current situation is stressful and we are here to help! College admissions offices, high school college counselors, and students are all in this together and we are committed to creating solutions to the challenges we are each facing. The CCO Team is keeping our fingers on the pulse of what is happening and will keep you informed of any changes and announcements as they develop. We are beside you on every step of this journey, so if you have any particular questions or concerns, please reach out to your individual counselor through email. We will be checking our emails regularly over Spring Break.
    Due to the current public health safety measures, we have decided to cancel our upcoming events in April, including the Junior Family College Night and the Case Studies Program for parents. Plans are already underway to coordinate the college counselors joining student Advisory groups at some point after break to answer questions about academic scheduling and other college related topics. In the meanwhile, here is some information we have collected that we hope will help to ease anxiety about some aspects of the college process.

    To keep up to date on changes and cancelations regarding standardized testing, here are links to the ACT and the College Board (SAT) 
    We strongly recommend that you check them regularly.

    In addition, for those of you scheduled to sit for AP exams, the College Board made an announcement today regarding plans for later this spring. Please take a look at this link for more detailed information and check your student email for any messages from your individual AP teachers.

    We have been in active communication with our colleagues from other secondary schools in encouraging colleges to be flexible in how they view and use standardized test scores during the application review cycle next year.

    Campus visits/researching colleges
    We know that many of you had planned to visit college campuses over Spring Break and are not sure how to research colleges on your “thinking about” lists. Colleges are as bummed out as you are about not being able to hold campus tours and information sessions, but being the creative, smart people they are, they are developing “virtual” ways for you to learn more about them and are eager to connect with you! Some of the schools that are already hosting such events include Syracuse, Univ. Richmond, Tulane, and Wash. U. in St. Louis. 
    Here are some helpful tips:
    • Be sure to get on mailing lists for individual colleges you are considering so that they can invite you to online events!
    • Check college websites regularly (at least 2x/wk to be aware of any upcoming events).
    • Check your email daily to respond to any messages from individual colleges and be sure to check your spam filters to ensure college emails get through to your inbox.
    • Check out this helpful link from NACAC (National Assoc. of College Admissions Counseling) that outlines how colleges are altering their on-campus admissions events.
    Here is yet another link to a great article about the effects of COVID 19 on the college application process in Forbes Magazine.

    Please rest assured that college admissions offices across the country are sensitive to the confusion and anxiety that the coronavirus is generating with regards to the college process, especially for you juniors! In particular, Columbia University’s Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid reached out to us this week and shared the following:

    “… as we consider younger students, we understand that disruptions may significantly alter the trajectory of their extracurricular, athletic and other pursuits. Students might not have access to summer programs or other enrichment experiences. Their college applications will likely look different than they have in the past. We remain committed to our holistic and contextual review process that considers the individual circumstances that shape each applicant's journey.”

    Her sentiments are shared by many of our colleagues in admissions who are eager to work with us to ensure that your college application process goes as smoothly as possible.

    Stay tuned for future messages from the CCO that may include additional links to helpful sites about virtual happenings! Please be aware that any email/push pages we send out will also be uploaded to student MyDrive portals in SCOIR for your future reference!

    Be safe and stay well!
    The College Counseling Office (CCO)
    Eileen Cunningham Feikens, Dean of College Counseling
    and Directors of College Counseling:
    Paola Gentry
    Matthew Tatelman
    Tasha Toran
    Joseph Yung


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome!  Our Upper School thrives on the energy and enthusiasm of our students and faculty, engaged together in the joyful pursuit of learning. Education is largely a social and interactive experience as well as an intellectual one, and through our strong student/teacher relationships we provide a vigorous and rigorous academic program. Preparing our students for their future requires our teachers to be actively looking ahead.

In the ninth and tenth grades, students study a core curriculum that solidifies skills through the analysis and appreciation of classic literature, the understanding of critical trends in world history, and process writing in both fields that enables students to make arguments and express them with coherence and grace.  In mathematics and science we strive to help students better understand the place of data and data analysis in the world. These courses ground students in basic concepts by looking at relevant uses of mathematics and a focus on experimentation and the methods of science. Offerings in foreign language study within the performing and visual arts further establish an appreciation for the rewards of learning.

After completing their two year core, students can choose from a wide array of elective courses. These courses reflect the diverse passions of our faculty and our commitment to relevant and deep learning. Offered in all departments, students are asked to create, with lots of advice, a series of courses that allows them to pursue their interests within the bounds of the best overall college preparation available. 

The academic experience, central to the purpose of the school, must be complemented by a lively, creative, and dynamic co-curricular program in order to provide a complete education. In fact, students can only work to their fullest capacity when they are allowed to pursue activity outside the classroom and stimulate other parts of their minds and souls. A healthy, positive and deep connection to their school is what maximizes their achievement, garnered by the support of the adults around them and the friendship and love of their peers.

Here in the Upper School students will find more than 20 athletic teams and other health/fitness programs; several major publications (including a foreign-language literary magazine); 40 clubs (some that have been in existence for 30 years, some that change with student interest); and myriad artistic, theatre and music opportunities that cater to the multiple talents of our students and teachers.

I hope that you will look for greater explanation of the courses and activities that we offer. I also hope that you will come and see for yourself the excitement that exists in the Upper School.

All the best,
Joseph Algrant
Upper School Principal


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