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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome!  Our Upper School thrives on the energy and enthusiasm of our students and faculty, engaged together in the joyful pursuit of learning. Education is largely a social and interactive experience as well as an intellectual one, and through our strong student/teacher relationships we provide a vigorous and rigorous academic program. Preparing our students for their future requires our teachers to be actively looking ahead.

In the ninth and tenth grades, students study a core curriculum that solidifies skills through the analysis and appreciation of classic literature, the understanding of critical trends in world history, and process writing in both fields that enables students to make arguments and express them with coherence and grace.  In mathematics and science we strive to help students better understand the place of data and data analysis in the world. These courses ground students in basic concepts by looking at relevant uses of mathematics and a focus on experimentation and the methods of science. Offerings in foreign language study within the performing and visual arts further establish an appreciation for the rewards of learning.

After completing their two year core, students can choose from a wide array of elective courses. These courses reflect the diverse passions of our faculty and our commitment to relevant and deep learning. Offered in all departments, students are asked to create, with lots of advice, a series of courses that allows them to pursue their interests within the bounds of the best overall college preparation available. 

The academic experience, central to the purpose of the school, must be complemented by a lively, creative, and dynamic co-curricular program in order to provide a complete education. In fact, students can only work to their fullest capacity when they are allowed to pursue activity outside the classroom and stimulate other parts of their minds and souls. A healthy, positive and deep connection to their school is what maximizes their achievement, garnered by the support of the adults around them and the friendship and love of their peers.

Here in the Upper School students will find more than 20 athletic teams and other health/fitness programs; several major publications (including a foreign-language literary magazine); 40 clubs (some that have been in existence for 30 years, some that change with student interest); and myriad artistic, theatre and music opportunities that cater to the multiple talents of our students and teachers.

I hope that you will look for greater explanation of the courses and activities that we offer. I also hope that you will come and see for yourself the excitement that exists in the Upper School.

All the best,
Joseph Algrant
Upper School Principal


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  • Photo of Joseph Algrant

    Mr. Joseph Algrant 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    U.S. Principal
    (201) 227-3241
  • Photo of Jeremy Meserole

    Jeremy Meserole 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    Dean, Class of 2020
    (201) 227-3246
  • Photo of Lisa Wittner

    Ms. Lisa Wittner 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    Dean, Class of 2019
    (201) 227-3251
  • Photo of Kimberly Lalli

    Ms. Kimberly Lalli 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    Dean, Class of 2022
    (201) 227-3245
  • Photo of Brendan McGrail

    Dr. Brendan McGrail 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    Dean, Class of 2021
    (201) 227-3248

Summer Reading 2019

Click here for required Summer Reading 2019 assignments. Happy reading! 


Parnassus is the foreign language literary journal of the D-E Upper School. Parnassus 2019 cover design "Censored" by Serin Koh '21. To obtain a copy of Parnassus please Email Faculty Advisor Abby Kanter at:


Calliope is the literary journal of the D-E Upper School. The Calliope 2019 cover design "Scoptophobia" is by Ellie Chung '22. To obtain a copy of Calliope please Email Faculty Advisor Steve Petkus at: 

Summer Grants 2019

Ellie and Dick Phayer Adventure Endowment for Curricular Development

Diane Christian and Joan Maffetone
– will be attending the Road Scholar program in Newfoundland and Labrador. The trip will provide the opportunity to learn about different peoples and cultures, providing immersion in words and phrases, stories and songs that are influenced by the dialects of the English, Irish, and Scottish immigrants. $2500 grant.

Frimi Sagan Summer Grant

Wendy Blasius
- will be furthering her knowledge of Ancient Roman and Greek history by travelling in Southern Italy and visiting many of its architectural and historical sites. Requested and received $2000.

Daniel Carragher – plans to drive a part of the U.S. Civil Rights Trail (, focusing primarily on cities in Alabama (Birmingham, Selma, Montgomery, and Tuskegee), but starting in Memphis, TN, and ending in Atlanta, GA, in order to visit places he has lectured about for years. Requested and received $2350.

Talya Kagedan – will be attending the Embodied Positive Psychology Summit: Leadership in Education. Topics explored include the importance of meaning to create connectedness within the learning environment, the science of character education, whole-person engagement in lessons, and stress resilience and its impact on educators’ engagement and work longevity. Requested and received $1752.

Varun Khattar - plans to read historical, sociological, psychological, and educational literature and conducting exploratory research into existing school and community-based programs focused on Asian American identity and leadership development. Requested and received $2000.
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