Student Support Services


We know that some extremely bright children can still struggle because of learning differences. Within the context of our academic program, daily schedule, and educational philosophy, we are committed to making reasonable accommodations to assist students with learning differences.

Accommodations are given in order to bypass a weakness so students can participate more fully and effectively in ongoing school activities and keep better pace with overall academic expectations. Accommodations do not fundamentally alter or lower the standards or expectations of the course or assessments, but are designed to “level the playing field” and make learning accessible for students with learning differences.

All requests for special accommodations must be based upon an educational and psychological evaluation completed within the past three years or a medical evaluation for a physical disability completed within the past year. Parents have the option to have their child evaluated at no cost by Bergen County Special Services or Englewood Public School District, or through a private evaluator at their expense.

To receive accommodations:
  1. The evaluation is shared with the Director of Student Support Services and/or members of the Student Support Team.
  2. A meeting is scheduled with members of the Student Support Team and the parent/guardian to review the evaluation and make connections with the student’s performance in school. At that meeting a plan will be developed to support the student, which will include appropriate accommodations.
  3. The plan is reviewed periodically to determine if the student continues to benefit from these accommodations. Changes in accommodations and strategies are made as needed.
  4. A re-evaluation is then completed approximately every three years in order to reassess the appropriateness of accommodations and better meet the students’ needs.

Evaluations are confidential and kept in a file separate from the student’s academic file. Information is shared with faculty members who work directly with the student.

The criteria that Dwight-Englewood uses to determine a student’s need for accommodations may differ from the criteria established by College Board (SAT, PSAT, SAT II, or AP) or ACT. An application needs to be submitted in order to receive College Board or ACT accommodations. The Director of Student Support Services will work with students to apply for these accommodations. Similarly, students should discuss disclosing information about their learning difference with their College Guidance Counselor. Information will not be disclosed without the student’s permission. To receive accommodations in college, students should review the procedures for applying for accommodations for the particular college in which they plan to attend.
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