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The health, well being, and safety of our D-E Families and Faculty/Staff are paramount. In addition to important details and how-to's for completing health forms with our Magnus Health Portal, all in the D-E community can refer to the links below for information regarding COVID-19, and the School's response; helpful resources; and "Do's & One Don't" Health Tips to prevent the spread of illness. 

To all in our D-E community: stay healthy and safe!

Magnus Health Portal Information & FAQs

All D-E families must upload their child's health information to the Magnus Health Portal.
Leading up to the start of the new school year, families will receive reminder Emails from Magnus to complete this information for their child(ren). The Magnus Health Portal is accessible on the Parent Resource Board after you LogIn to MyD-E.

All forms must be completed either electronically or manually and uploaded into your student’s account on the Magnus Health Portal. No paper documentation will be accepted.

> For a Magnus tutorial video please click here. This tutorial video and other Magnus resources are also available online on the Magnus Health Portal, once you LogIn to MyD-E.

> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Magnus Health Portal are also provided below.  
How do I access the Magnus Health Portal?
The Magnus Health Portal is accessed by Logging-in toMyD-E. If you are the parent of a new incoming student, use the login information used to sign your child’s contract. For help with Logging-in to MyD-E, Email Here is a link with step by step instructions:
Do I need to complete all of the forms?
All of the forms listed in your child’s Magnus file must be completed for their file to be complete. The NJ Preparticipation Physical Evaluation is comprised of four forms, History Form, The Athlete with Special Needs Supplemental History Form, Physical Examination, and Clearance Form. The Athlete with Special Needs Supplemental History Form is only to be completed for students with special needs. This will allow us to better meet their individual needs to ensure their success.
If your Middle or Upper School child is participating in D-E Athletics sports teams, additional forms will be required and listed. These forms
include, Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes, Use and Misuse of Opioid Drugs, Banned Substance Testing Acknowledgement, New Concussion Form, and the Opioid Video Sign Off Form. Again, these forms will only be noted in the list of required forms if your child has shown interest in participating in a sports team with D-E Athletics.
How do I complete the forms?
Each form must be completed in its entirety with all questions being answered. If a YES response was given and additional information is requested, as on the History Form, please do not neglect to provide that information as it is pertinent to our care of your child(ren). Complete the demographic information (i.e. name, date of birth, age, allergies, etc.) on the top of each form in the event that the pages become separated. Please make sure that you and your child sign the bottom of all forms where requested.
Do I need to complete the Athletic Health Updates?
The Fall, Winter and Spring Athletic Health Updates are required to be completed by each student athlete whose last physical exam occurred more than 90 days prior to the start of the season. For example, if your child wishes to participate in Winter Track and his or her last physical was completed in March of the current year, greater than 90 days, you would be required to complete the form. The purpose of the Health Update is to inform us of any changes that may have occurred in your child’s health since the last physical exam.

Are the dates important?
Write the date of the physical exam on each page as well as the date the form is being completed. The date of the last physical exam is entered into Magnus and will be used to send you an automated reminder before the next requirement due date. For example, if the last physical exam was completed on January 1, 2020, a Magnus reminder will be automatically generated 30 days prior to January 1, 2021. We understand that the date that the form is being completed can differ on the various forms, so please be as consistent as possible.
What is my child’s pediatrician required to complete?
The pediatrician must complete all sections of the Physical Examination and Clearance Form in the NJ Preparticipation Physical Evaluation. They can provide you with an additional printout with the findings of the physical exam however, that does not constitute completion of the form. It must be completed in its entirety including whether your child/student is “cleared for all sports without restrictions” or not. If your child is not cleared and is pending further
evaluation, the physical will not be approved until the evaluation is completed and accompanying documentation is provided. For example, if your child needs further evaluation from an orthopedist due to a recent healed fracture, the physical cannot be approved until the orthopedist clears the student and supplies written documentation to confirm.
Please make sure that the physician places his or her stamp on the NJ Preparticipation Physical Evaluation – bottom of the Clearance Form, Prescription Medication Form, Over the Counter Medication Authorization, Food Allergy Action Plan, Diabetes Action Plan, and Immunization Summary & Health Information Disclosure Form (if completed by physician).
What is the Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module?
The Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module is a NJ requirement that must be completed by all physicians, advanced practice nurses and physician’s assistants who perform student-athlete preparticipation physical examinations and screenings. Its purpose is to refresh and enhance the knowledge of healthcare practitioners. The ultimate goal of the preparticipation screening is the detection of unknown cardiac abnormalities that can lead to sudden cardiac death.
If your child is initially uncertain whether they will participate in a sport, please have the pediatrician complete the Development Module during the annual physical examination. This will prevent you from having to return to the physician if your child later on decides that they wish to play a sport.
How do I submit the forms?
Several of the forms can be completed electronically while others must be downloaded and completed manually. Once completed, please upload all forms into Magnus for approval. The process is very simple and can even be completed using your smartphone. You can take pictures of the forms and upload into the Magnus portal right from the palm of your hand.
If you are submitting several forms under one section, all of the forms must be submitted at the same time. For example, the NJ Preparticipation Physical Evaluation is comprised of five (5) forms. Once they have been completed, take pictures if using your smartphone or scan and follow these steps:
1) Click “Answer requirement” under the section you are uploading forms into.
2) Click “Choose the file” – select the file from where it was saved and click “open.”
3) Next select “Have more than one page? Add another.”
4) Again click “Choose the file” – select the file from where it was saved and click “open.”
5) Continue the same steps until you have selected all of the pages you wish to upload.
6) Once complete, click “upload Record.”
If you later wish to upload additional forms into a particular section where other forms have previously been uploaded, all of the forms, those you have previously uploaded and those currently being uploaded, must be reloaded together.
What if my child needs medication during school hours?
If your child has a physician prescribed medication that must be administered during school hours, such as Insulin (Diabetes Action Plan), or Epipen (Food Allergy Action Plan), please bring the medication to the Health Office with the signed MD order, on the first day of school, and upload the action plan into Magnus. This will ensure that we are able to respond appropriately in an emergency situation and/or administer needed medications. If your child becomes sick throughout the year and requires a short term medication such as an antibiotic, a physician’s order must accompany the medication for it to be administered by the nurse. The Medication Administration Authorization must be signed and stamped by the physician for any medication other than Insulin and Epinephrine (Epipen).
The Over the Counter Medication Authorization must be completed with parent initials or check marks next to each medication you are giving permission for your child to be given on an as needed basis. A physician stamp and parent signature are required for the form to be
accepted and approved.
In addition, please document any medical conditions and medications in the Vital Health Record.

Required Health/Medical Forms Info

To access the Magnus Health Portal, D-E families must LogIn to MyD-E. After you LogIn to MyD-E go to the Parent Resource Board for the Magnus Health Portal link (see above visual.)

Need help with MyD-E LogIn? Please contact D-E's Technology Department at or by phone: 201-227-3177. 

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