Lower School
Spaces and Places: "The Specials"


Instructor: Sandra Harrison
In grades Preschool 3 through Grade 2, students are introduced to Spanish through our FLEX (Foreign Language Exploratory) program and meet with Señora Harrison twice a week for 30 minutes of instruction. The purpose of a FLEX language program is to introduce students to the foreign language and culture. The classes are taught primarily in English with some basic communication in the target language. Proficiency in not the goal of a FLEX program. Exposure, excitement and enrichment are the intentions of a FLEX program.

Kindergarten students learn Spanish words, phrases, songs and games and gain facility listening to and speaking through role play. They study Latin culture through music and food studies. In the spring, they participate in a cross-curricular study of Zoo animals. A program called SALSA serves as the primary mode of instruction.
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