Lower School
Spaces and Places: "The Specials"
Third Grade


Instructor: Mary Heveran

Third-grade musicians continue to build on the concepts of beat, melody, rhythm and dynamics. Music class is held twice a week for 45 minutes.
One of the important additions to the music curriculum in third grade is the introduction of the recorder, a wind instrument that each child is given at the beginning of the year.  Using the skills they have been taught, students can now apply their note reading skills to an instrument.  In addition to the quarter and eighth note previously taught, students are now taught to read half and whole notes, the meaning of the key signature, the repeat sign, and the proper way to play and practice the instrument.  Students learn to play the recorder and read and play notes B, A, G, E, D and High C, and D.  Third graders prepare for a spring concert in which they will perform songs of different cultures as well as songs on the recorder.  In preparation for our annual trip to hear the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra at NJPAC, students learn to identify, by sound, the instruments within each of the four families of instruments.  
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