Lower School
Spaces and Places: "The Specials"
Third Grade


Instructor: Beth Lemire

Children continue with the seasonal garden harvest and along with fourth grade students chop vegetables for the annual harvest soup, which is served in small portions in the lunchroom.
Children begin a bone study of their own bones and create a cardboard skeletal model of their bodies.  Some years we are able to do an archeological dig where the students use the tools of archaeologists and discover deer or moose bones, pottery shards and arrowheads. The artifacts are carefully weighed, measured, tagged and logged into the students’ booklets. Other years we build a planetarium where they study constellations to be depicted inside of the planetarium. They learn the stories behind the constellations and give tours of the night sky to other teachers or students.
They continue to learn about simple machines and begin to create simple Rube Goldberg machines.  This will prepare them for a larger study in fourth grade.
Connecting with the classroom study of the Lenape people, the third graders create a three sisters garden with beans, corn and squash.  They learn parts of plants and flowers and the purpose they serve.  
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