Lower School
Spaces and Places: "The Specials"
Fourth Grade


Instructor: Elisa Garcia

Fourth Grade students visit Swartley Art Center twice a week for 45 minute art classes.  Students continue to build on the importance of color, line and shape, pattern, design and composition, while exploring broader concepts of drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, printmaking, digital art and photography
  • Each student will create a collection of their work within each medium that demonstrates their understanding of concepts taught. Children will add to and shape their digital portfolios which will highlight their art pieces
  • Children will be provided with time throughout the year and various projects to work both independently and collaboratively in partnerships, small and large groups to practice and develop an understanding of different scale art projects
  • Children will be exposed to art and art history based in the mediums that they will be learning, while developing a wealth of knowledge of styles and artistic syntax that support artists in their work
  • Students will develop an appreciation for art while looking at their own work, that of peers and professional artists
  • Children will develop an art vocabulary for speaking about art and knowledge of how to comment on art viewed
  • Students participate in an annual art exhibition with second and third grade students
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