Lower School
Spaces and Places: "The Specials"
Fourth Grade


Instructor: Christine Nicoloau

The goal of the Lower School technology program is to develop activities and projects that make connections to the themes and curriculum that are covered in each grade level. Using a variety of apps and programs students learn the skills they need to move on to middle school and beyond.  The projects challenge students to think critically, organize their ideas, and present them using a variety of media.  Classrooms are equipped with smartboards and projection capabilities. There are several carts of iPads that are shared by classes and include a variety of apps that support the curriculum.
Students create portfolios that include samples of their work and experiences at the Lower School. At the end of each year, portfolios are uploaded to google drive as videos. Students can access these videos, year after year, to share and reflect on their Lower School experiences.
We also have a strong robotics program that gives students in the different grades the opportunity to build and program robots that are tied to scientific concepts and challenges, e.g. recycling, cleaning the ocean, space exploration and more.

The following are examples of some of the projects and activities for grade 4:

Introduction to 
Google Docs
  • What is it?
  • How to Setup a document and share with teacher
  • Students type a piece of writing assigned by their homeroom teacher
Introduction to We Do 2.0
  • Students use legos to build and program robots. The projects focus on science concepts and solving real world problems.  Some of the topics include science challenges related to pulling, speed, plants and pollinators, recycling, cleaning the ocean and more
Use of Little Bits
Students use Little Bits kits to build:
  • an artbot that drawers with a marker and
  • a flashlight
Use of 123D Design: art/tech project where students design a 3d sculpture that is printed on a 3D printer

Use of Ozobots
  • Robots with light sensors that follow lines and change colors
  • Kids Create codes/designs on paper and use an app to program ozobot to move, change direction, go fast, slow, etc.
  • Facilitates better understanding  of coding

Creation of Portfolios
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